Mike Addison Saipe

Born May 8th 1956 Wellington, New Zealand.
Began training with basic boxing training age 4. In 1963 began formal martial training in Kodokan Judo and Goju Ryu Karate – aged 7.
Moved town in 1968. Took up Aikido in that year.
Subsequently trained in a Shorin Ryu/Shotokan blend dojo for a number of years.
Karate shodan – 1974 ……… Aikido shodan – 1978
Studies in TCM,Japanese acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Neurology, Clinical Nutrition and Anti-Ageing Medicine over the past 38 years have all helped in my understanding of anatomy/physiology/neurology and energy mechanisms in the body both to heal and to damage them.
I have studied with a wide variety of masters over the time.Some for one day and others for extended periods.  These include :
  • Matayoshi Shinpo-Okinawan Kobujustsu and Matayoshi Family Karate
  • Professor Kam Hok Hoe – Jujutsu
  • Cheu Cheu Soot – Budokan karate-do
  • Suzuki Sensei – Wado-ryu karate-do
  • Gozo Shioda – Aikido
  • Professor Wally Jay – small circle Jujutsu
  • Sifu Dan Inosanto – Jeet Kune Do/Silat/Eskrima
  • Grandmaster Bobby Taboada – Balintawak Eskrima
  • GM Sijo Ian Waite – Ryukyu Kenpo,Wing Chun-do, QSR/Tao Effect
  • Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker – DSI, Torite-Jutsu
My sincerest apologies to any master or even study partner that I may have inadvertently missed from this list.(And, of course, I continually learn from repetitive practise and from my students.
I am ever grateful to GM Sijo Ian Waite, GM Rick Moneymaker,GM Tom Muncey and all of the dedicated “keep it real” researchers of the DSI for their invaluable help and guidance.

Dragon Society International