DSI Testimonials

Ron Van Browning


For the Dragon Society International & everyone with their eyes open to learning: Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker & Grandmaster Tom Muncy has and are opening the doors and eyes for all Martial Artists through their leadership, teaching and the science of the Dragon Society International (DSI). Everything we do is based upon the facts of science. You can change an art but the science cannot be changed and it remains true & pure.

GM Moneymaker & GM Muncy provide a connection for all of the Martial Artist through the DSI and their conventions. To not attend the DSI conventions would be passing on a vast opportunity of learning and knowledge at hand. After 54 years of training, teaching and experience I am now finding not how much I know or how much skill I have, but how much I don't know. And that is how I learn.

DSI Camp: ‘It's not about what you know, its how much you don't know. The science is the key to all the arts. After 54 years in Martial Arts I have so much more to learn.'

James Lim


It a was very rejuvenating and refreshing to participate in your martial arts convention. Everyone was humble and worked together sharing their varied skills and techniques.

The soft pressure points technique was an amazing eye opener even for a Grand Master 9 Degree Black Belt, like myself, training over 50 years.

The combining of the many different techniques brings Torite-Jutsu at the forefront of mixed martial arts with a depth and technique that I have not seen before or experienced in person before.

I look forward and with anticipation to the next seminar.

Willie Lim


With ‘MARTIAL SCIENCE’ the Dragon Society International is simultaneously moving martial arts forward and returning it to its TRUE toots.  Regardless of your art, you will benefit from the knowledge that DSI openly and eagerly shares at their conference.  I learn something new every time and recommend it to any serious martial artists regardless of style.

Guro Doug Pierre


This years Spring 2016 DSI Convention was incredible.  All styles in brotherhood with one purpose, martial excellence through its true science. Thank you GM Muncy and GM Moneymaker, October’s convention will be even bigger and better.