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Your chance to see Pressure Point Fighting how it should be done. Take your skills to new levels within hours.

Was $3,500 Now Only $1,500 for the first 10 Hosts.  Requires a $200 deposit.  You set the participant price to generate the profit you want and cover the expense.


For the Dragon Society International & everyone with their eyes open to learning: Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker & Grandmaster Tom Muncy has and are opening the doors and eyes for all Martial Artists through their leadership, teaching and the science of the Dragon Society International (DSI). Everything we do is based upon the facts of science. You can change an art but the science cannot be changed and it remains true & pure.

GM Moneymaker & GM Muncy provide a connection for all of the Martial Artist through the DSI and their conventions. To not attend the DSI conventions would be passing on a vast opportunity of learning and knowledge at hand. After 54 years of training, teaching and experience I am now finding not how much I know or how much skill I have, but how much I don't know. And that is how I learn.

DSI Camp: ‘It's not about what you know, its how much you don't know. The science is the key to all the arts. After 54 years in Martial Arts I have so much more to learn’”

Ron Van Browning 10th Degree Black Belt San Soo & UFC MMA Coach

Grandmaster Michael Patrick, DSI Master Instructor teaching at the World's Largest Martial Arts School, White Tiger Tae Kwon Do

Learn in 4 Hours

Yes, that is right, you will be given a massive amount of information that you can take and apply.

At Your School

No traveling involved for you. We come to your Gym / Dojo / Dojang.

Limited Availability

This is for real action takers. As such their will be a STRICT limit on who we work with.

Student Retention

Yes, that is right, you will be given a massive amount of information that you can take and apply.

More Information

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    Easy to understand - We work with each and every participant to ensure they understand the key concepts and are able to reproduce the results.
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    Easy to learn - We break everything down into simple "bite-size" pieces of information, building upon previous steps as we go.  This makes it easier for people to learn the crucial components of what we do, regardless of experience or ability.
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    Easy to apply - Due to the above methods, everything you learn will be far easier to apply than you ever dreamed.  You will not be learning a whole new system, but building upon your own.
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    Easy to teach - Our methods are so incredibly effective you will be able to teach them to others in an instant. 

As a Seminar Host, you have the choice of the Seminar type that you would prefer.

This can be ”tailor-made” for you own School.

The main topics being:

As professors, it is our duty to teach in a responsible manner and as such we will ENSURE that the information you receive will be of the highest possible quality.

The information presented will follow our fundamental criteria:

Professor Rick Moneymaker - Co-Founder of Dragon Society International

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    Pressure Point Seminar - Includes an introduction to Pressure Points, Players to The Game, Power Generation and how to apply those to Fighting and Self Defense.
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    Kata / Forms / Patterns Analysis - How the use of Pressure Points and Players to the Game makes your Kata / Forms / Patterns actually have real meaning. Those obscure moves are detailed standing / floor grappling, locks, takedowns, throws etc that can be utilized in the sporting arena, or more importantly for self defense.
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    Street Fighting - How the use of Pressure Points, Players to the Game, and Extreme Power generation can be utilized for street combat. Make your locks excruciating and easier to apply, make your strikes so impactful that you can take out people several weight categories above with one hit - and much more. 
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    Masters Series - Advanced seminar series examining the Martial Science fundamentals along with a detailed series examining each of the main meridians with combative techniques for the major points.
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    Fully Custom Seminar - You tell us exactly what you want to work on and that is what we will do!

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Check out the professionally designed sample flyer here which you will receive to help you promote your event!

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    I agree to pay the $200 deposit to reserve my seminar.  Once you make the deposit, DSI will contact you so we can arrange the date and topic for your seminar.