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About our Founder

Rick Moneymaker has earned the "Man Of The Year Award" presented by the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, recognized by the International Society of Headfounders/Headfamilies as a 9th Degree Black Belt and Soke of TORITE JUTSU, awarded the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award and the Meijin Award presented by the directors of the International Shurite Yudansha-Kai. Inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame and inducted in Combat Magazine Hall of Fame.

“I have dedicated my life to teaching the lost secrets of the Martial Arts.”


For the Dragon Society International & everyone with their eyes open to learning: Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker & Grandmaster Tom Muncy has and are opening the doors and eyes for all Martial Artists through their leadership, teaching and the science of the Dragon Society International (DSI). Everything we do is based upon the facts of science. You can change an art but the science cannot be changed and it remains true & pure.

 Ron Van Browning 

 10th Degree Black Belt and UFC Trainer 

FREE Mini-Course

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