Master Alex Ormaza


Born on January 5th, 1978 in Pereira, Colombia-South America. Moved to and has lived in the USA since 1979. Now a resident of Dallas, North Carolina-USA.

At age 32, Alex Ormaza is President of Ormaza’s Family Karate Inc. Founder of KidQuest After School Adventures and Summer Camp. Married with 2 children, Ormaza shihan continues to travel to South America, Okinawa Japan and all throughout the US to study and teach his current understanding of martial arts. Ormaza shihan is a direct student under five Grandmasters including:

Tashi Jim Logue (RyuTe Renmai, Kyusho Jutsu, Tuite Jutsu, Kobu Jutsu)
Hanshi Tom Muncy (Torite Jutsu/ Okinawa Kempo, Chi Gong)
Hanshi Rick Moneymaker (Torite Jutsu, Okinawa Kempo, Military Combatives)
Late-Hanshi Ridgley Abele (Elite Karate Athlete Development, Leadership Skills)
Grandmaster Bobby Taboada (Balintawak Cuentada Arnis Escrima)
and these great masters as well:
Tashi Troy Price (ShuriTe Bujitsu, Combative Flow, Chinese ChiGong, JiuJitsu)
Sensei Luis Victoria (Elite Sport Karate Development for World Competition)
Professor Luis “Sucuri” Togno (Alliance JiuJitsu of Charlotte, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu)

Ormaza shihan’s diverse martial background, coupled with being fluent in Spanish, has enabled him to travel through out the US and South America sharing his in-depth understanding of Martial Science to a wide variety of martial artist. Ormaza shihan’s renowned ability to simplify such complex topics is a direct by-product of a 15 year relationship with the Dragon Society International. This valuable experience has led him to teach seminars, workshops and clinics for civilians, law enforcement, military, security professionals, MMA athletes, jiu jitsu-ka, karate-ka and everyone else in between. In addition, Ormaza shihan’s renowned method of teaching children and adults Life and Safety Skills has earned him a reputation for being one of the best professional instructors in the USA, earning him the 2007 National Instructor of the Year Award by the Universal Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame. Ormaza shihan has also written numerous articles on the many facets of Kyusho Jutsu that have earned him a reputation for being one of the most skillful and sought after instructors on the subject.

As one of less than 30 Qualified Instructors in the world under the legendary Grandmaster Bobby Taboada, in Balintwak Arnis Escrima, Ormaza shihan has also established the first Balintawak clubs in Colombia with plans to further spread the art through out South America.

Ormaza shihan’s passion lies deep within Okinawan kata and kobudo as he feels that all of the necessary principles of combat are concealed within its movements. In addition, Ormaza shihan also intensely studies human nature as it responds to combative stress. All of these valuable lessons are at the forefront of his RyuTe training with Tashi Jim Logue, successor and most senior student to Taika Seiyu Oyata.

As an avid grappler, Ormaza shihan understands the importance of having a well balanced “tool box” from which to draw upon within combative situations. Ormaza shihan has successfully augmented his grappling techniques with the use of Martial Science and teaches these fundamentals to other grappling enthusiasts from around the US and South America.

Ormaza shihan’s Internal Arts training revolve around the study of the principles associated with Bagua Zhang, Hsing Yi Chuan, Bai He (White Crane) Chi Gong, 5 Element Chi Gong and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Ormaza shihan understands the importance of mind-body connection to manifest the most power and vibrant health. Therefore, Ormaza shihan has spent the last 15 years enhancing his external training with the complete study of Chinese ChiGong and its use for health and martial power, and its connection to Classical Okinawan Bujitsu.

Having competed at the highest level, Ormaza shihan is now a certified Technical Coach with the AAU and a certified Judge, Referee and Coach for the USA National Karate Do Federation. This experience has allowed Ormaza shihan to train his students to the highest degree of athleticism. Ormaza shihan’s team has produced state, regional, National, International and Jr. Olympic champions 8 years in a row.

Ormaza shihan believes that through martial arts, he can build stronger individuals, bring families closer together, produce leaders in the community and teach everyone how to maximize their own potential.

Member Of:
Dragon Society International (DSI)
Ryukyu Budo Shihan Dai (RBSD)
Ryu Te Renmai
Shurite Yudansha-kai
Shurite Bujutsu-kai
World Escrima Balintawak Arnis Federation (WEBAF)
Martial Arts Teachers Association (MATA)
Yang Martial Arts Association (YMAA)
Combat Kyusho Association (CKA)
North Carolina Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu Federation (NCBJJF)
USA National Karate-do Federation (USANKF)
Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
American Heart Association (AHA)

Founder of:
Ormaza’s Family Karate Inc.
F.I.T. Defense – Female Intensive Training Defense Tactics
KidQuest After School Adventures/ Summer Camp
EnergyQuest – Chi Gong for Health and Martial Power
Shuri Te Bujutsu Kai: Kyusho Jutsu Division
Martial Arts Discovery Seminar Series (co-founder w/ Troy Price)
US Kyusho Jitsu Summit (co-founder w/ Troy Price)
World Elite Sport Karate Training Camp

Competition Background:
2009 AAU State Champion – Triple Gold in Kata/Kobudo/Kumite
2006 Gold US Open-Kobudo
2006-State and Regional Champion AAU and USANKF-Kata, Kobudo
2005 Athlete of the Year-International Shurite Yudansha-kai
2005 Silver-USANKF Nationals-Kata
2005 USANKF- South Carolina National Qualifier- Gold-Kobudo, Bronze-Kata
2004 Queen City Nationals Kata and Breaking Champion-2nd Kobudo
2004 AAU Kata State Champion- 2004
2002 AAU State Champion kata/kumite
2002 AAU Regional Champion, Kata-Silver, Kumite-Bronze
2001 Okinawan Rengokai World Championship top 10 competitor
1994 Garden State Nationals, Kumite-Bronze – 1994
1993 Garden State Games , Kumite-Gold, Kata-Bronze


  • Classical Okinawan Bujitsu- History, Technique and Martial Science
  • Study of Classical Okinawan Kata with Combative applications
  • Sport and Classical Combative Jiu Jutsu
  • Women’s Defense Tactics
  • Vital Point Striking/ Skeletal Locking/ Muscle-Tendon-Ligament Tearing
  • Classical and Modern Weapons Training
  • Filipino Stick and Knife Tactics
  • Olympic Style Karate Do
  • Okinawan Bogu Fighting
  • Athletic Development for World Class Competition
  • Chinese Chi Gong for Health and Martial Applications
  • Life Protection Arts as applied to Civilians, Law Enforcement and Military
  • Life and Safety Skills as Applied to Children and Adults
  • Character Development through Martial Arts.
  • Martial Arts Graphic Art Design

Ranks & Certifications:

  • 5th Degree Torite Jutsu
  • 4th Degree Okinawa Kempo
  • 3rd Degree Ryu Te
  • 1st Degree Shuri Te Jiu-Jutsu
  • Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu
  • Guro- Balintawak Cuentada Escrima
  • Dragon Society International Senior Instructor
  • International ShuriTe Bujitsu Kai Instructor: JiuJustu Division
  • International ShuriTe Bujitsu Kai Head Instructor: Kyusho Justu Division
  • International Instructor- Balintawak Cuentada Escrima
  • USA National Karate-do Federation Official Kumite Judge / Referee
  • USA National Karate-do Federation Official Coach
  • Amateur Athletic Union Technical Coach
  • Heartsaver First Aid/CPR -American Heart Association

Awards & Recognition:

  • 2010 Balintawak Man of the Year- World Head of Family Sokeship Council
  • 2010 Seminar Man of the Year- Black Warrior Hall of Honors
  • 2009 AAU Top School Award
  • 2008 Featured on Colombian Sports Television Show- TelePacifico
  • 2008 Featured on Costa Rican Sports/ Christian Show IOFI
  • 2007 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame- National Instructor of the Year
  • 2006 Professional Martial Artist Award- International Shrurite Yudanshakai
  • 2005 Athlete of the Year- International Shurite Yudanshakai
  • 2004 Superior Leadership- International Shurite Yudanshakai
  • 2003 Sensei of Merit Award- International Shurite Yudanshakai
  • 2002 Award of Excellence-World Balintawak Association

Dragon Society International