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Enhancement & Retardation

One of the most often overlooked sections of the Torite Jutsu Reference Manual is the section I wrote on Enhancement & Retardation utilizing Five Element Points. Because the book was written as a reference manual, the information is merely in chart form. But, how does one utilize the charts?This video is an excerpt from Grandmaster Michael Patrick’s excellent video on Energetics and is available in our store.In this clip, you will learn how to apply this information to joint locks (and can be applied to strikes as well). For more information, be sure to check out his DVD or Video-On-Demand video stream!If you don’t already have one, be sure to pick up a copy of the Torite Jutsu Reference Manual!

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3 thoughts on “Enhancement & Retardation

  1. I’ve watched several of your techniques and used one this morning, maybe not a hundred percent correctly, but it worked! Guy at the laundromat was harassing two girls and I told him to calm down and leave them alone, he thought it was, in his best interest, to come at me and he put his finger in my face and started to cuss, but before he got through his first sentence, a secure his finger, he bent down and I hit him behind his ear with the heel of my hand. He sat in the floor till we left. Thanks!

  2. That is great! Some people need an attitude adjustment!

  3. And he didn’t know I was friends with Michael Patrick!

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