Ancient-Acupuncture-chart2Most Martial Artists are Missing Out on the Advanced Aspects of their Art!

It's true. Over the millennia, so much of the ancient Martial Arts have been lost to time! The combative systems have given way to mere art forms with little to no resemblance to the original battle-effective systems of the past.

Sure, it's great to see little Johnny or Suzy get their Yellow Belt in sport karate at the age of six, but what about you? Don't you want something that packs a lot more punch? Don't you need something better that will stop that nasty sub-human form of life that wants to injure you or your family?

The Dragon Society International has spent over three decades researching and developing the most effective real-world training available. How did we develop all of this? Simple. We discovered the ancient secrets were just hidden within the Martial Arts all along. When Martial Arts went underground, the heads of the systems hid the most devastating material in plain site but rarely explained how to use it. We cracked the code and can share those secrets with you!

The Martial Arts were founded upon the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Once you know how to apply these to the techniques in your system, your capabilities increase exponentially and immediately! Sure, there are others out there claiming to do Pressure Point techniques, but that is all they have...some techniques. It takes a lot more than that to be effective and truly understand what is hidden within the Martial Arts forms! This is where we excel!

With DSI, you will learn OVER 200 principles which you can apply to any and every technique, regardless of your style! You don't have to stop doing your style; make it even more effective with our system. Many of you have invested the rest of your life times studying and refining your art. Isn't it time to achieve everything you have set your mind to and take your art further than anyone else has done?

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3 months ago

Michael Patrick
Working on a new T-Shirt design for the DSI. This is a mockup. I have others in the works as well. Let me know what you think...

Working on a new T-Shirt design for the DSI. This is a mockup. I have others in the works as well. Let me know what you think... ... See MoreSee Less

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I'd buy it

This could also be done with this image on the back and our dragon on the pocket in front.

to confusing sorry you did ask

In case anyone is less than fluent in kanji, it says "kokusai ryuu kyokai" or essentially "Dragon Society International."

Love it

Looks awesome

Nice image. Consider this image on the back, with a small image on front left.


I love this design. I am doing this on the back of a zip up hoodie with a smaller dragon on the front side chest.

I agree with David. This would be good on the back with the smaller dragon on the front left, like the old shirts.

I think it is great, I think either way is good,

I like that for the back of shirt and a small dragon on left chest.

Would be an awesome skin for a lab top or a mouse pad as well just an idea :)

Where did you find the Dragon design? That looks like my logo from my Judo club!

How about hoodies?

We will have the designs available. The large one, a small dragon, and a few other small choices. We now have a heat press so we can put it on almost anything the way you choose. ;)

Great job GM😎

I like it

I L-eye-K

I like it. And can w get the stickers l like that in white the black one don't show up in my truck tint.

Would look better on the back of the shirt.

Good on the back and top left smaller on the front I think would be good 🤔

The design is excellent. I can say firsthand

I just bought this shirt. Wore it out on Saturday. 2 people talked to me about it. New Jersey people don't really talk to others they don't know... 😃 very cool shirt

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Hmmmmm....DSI olympics at the beach?

3rd Strand Marriage Ministry
Human hungry hungry hippo! (Grp1/pt5) #marriageretreat2016
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2 days ago

Jon Ryley
A Great picture from CI Neil Flowers Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration, this team will be in Myrtle Beach at the DSI Spring convention, April 28 - 30.

A Great picture from CI Neil Flowers Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration, this team will be in Myrtle Beach at the DSI Spring convention, April 28 - 30. ... See MoreSee Less

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Great night, do you remember it Sensei Neil 😀

Can't wait to see you guys! Party is shaping up!


5 days ago

Michael Patrick
2017 DSI Seminar Dates

2017 DSI Seminar Dates ... See MoreSee Less

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Wen your seminar is in 🇬🇧 U.K. Please

1 week ago

Kasi Goforth Patrick
See all of you dragons soon!

See all of you dragons soon! ... See MoreSee Less

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The party is about to begin! April 28,29,30!

2 weeks ago

Michael Patrick

2017 DSI Spring Convention Flyer ... See MoreSee Less

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one day ill be coming!!

2 weeks ago

Michael Patrick

Here is the English version of the Knife Defense interview I did: The real defense against a knife. Grandmaster Michael Patrick Protect yourself from the knife with bare hands very difficult task, and in this situation, the... ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm still do my martial arts myself. I do goju-ryu karate.

2 weeks ago

Michael Patrick

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I so wish we could come! We will be in Montreal at that time. Sadness....

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Body Alarm Reaction: Scientific Training of the Adrenal Stress Response

9781475275117 $30.00
Body Alarm Reaction (B.A.R.), or Adrenal Stress Response, should be the basis of all forms of defensive systems. Sadly, it is not. Too many rely upon complex techniques which will likely fail during a real life encounter. This text examines the various effects of stimulation of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), namely the Sympathetic (SNS) and Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) have upon the body. You will discover ways to minimize the effects and even use…

Pressure Point Atlas

9781477460801 $30.00
The Encyclopedia of Pressure Points! Want to know what will happen when you strike a particular Pressure Point? Want to know which points are lethal or which ones lead to knockouts? This Atlas is a roadmap of the body energetically! Classifications such as Five Element Points, Horary Points, Sedation Points, Tonification Points, Window of the Sky Points, Destructive Points, Constructive Points, and much more, are defined and listed. Want to know which points were the…

Torite Joint Locks: Volume 2

885007605904 $45.00
This is the long awaited sequel to the Torite Joint Locks video, Grandmaster Michael Patrick is back with a lot more advanced material on making joint locks in the real world.See how to make the locks hurt immediately and gain quicker control of your adversary! You will also learn how to make the pain levels go through the roof with complex angles and torque like never been seen. All techniques are demonstrated with a lot…

Players to the Game: Volume 4

885007606123 $45.00
Players to the Game is a term that was coined by Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker, founder of Dragon Society International, to describe principles and methods which greatly enhance your techniques. We have identified over 200 of these to date! In this video, Grandmaster Michael Patrick demonstrates several of the Players to the Game in great detail as was first seen on the DSI Premier Membership program on this website. Below are the methods demonstrated: Advanced Enhancement…

Body Mechanics & Kinesthetics

885007549727 $45.00
Learn how to apply proper body positioning and alignment to maximize power generation and transfer.While learning the science of pressure points is essential, it is critical you have a strong foundation and platform from which to deliver the strikes. Many Martial Artists neglect this step in favor of learning about the points. This leads to a false understanding of your ability to transfer maximum power into your opponent.This video will teach you how to get…

50 Torite Techniques Volume 1: The Grandmasters Series

885007549819 $45.00
Torite Techniques 1-10 with multiple new players to the game, additional informatioin, and multiple variations. These videos were first seen within the Premiere Streaming Video Membership.Over the last 20 years, the DSI has continued to grow and improve our knowledge base. TO reflect this, Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker asked Grandmaster Michael Patrick to film a new DVD series on the 50 Torite Techniques expanding upon the information contained in the original series. There are new Players…

Yin Yang Theory

$40.00 - $45.00
Yin Yang are Chinese terms intended to describe qualities of specific paired items in relation to one another.  It is the understanding of what is known as “the Law of Complementary Opposites.”  Nothing in nature can exist without it’s opposite or counterpart. This DVD is footage of a DSI seminar which addresses these opposites and how a martial artist’s can use it to their advantage.  Learn the age old secret of martial science dating back…
5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Energetics Volume 1

885007486480 $40.00 - $45.00
Some stories are Martial Arts legends while others contain a lot of truth! In this DVD, Grandmaster Michael Patrick shows a simple energetic building exercise, or qigong, used by the Dragon Society International to harness this energy.Exciting board breaks are shown to demonstrate the power of the energetic strikes along with waveforms and harmonics.Strikes and joint locks are demonstrated with the energetic effects applied with full descriptions of what is being done so you can…


For the Dragon Society International & everyone with their eyes open to learning: Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker & Grandmaster Tom Muncy has and are opening the doors and eyes for all Martial Artists through their leadership, teaching and the science of the Dragon Society International (DSI). Everything we do is based upon the facts of science. You can change an art but the science cannot be changed and it remains true & pure. GM Moneymaker & GM Muncy provide a connection for all of the Martial Artist through the DSI and their conventions. To not attend the DSI conventions would be passing on a vast opportunity of learning and knowledge at hand. After 54 years of training, teaching and experience I am now finding not how much I know or how much skill I have, but how much I don't know. And that is how I learn. DSI Camp: ‘It's not about what you know, its how much you don't know. The science is the key to all the arts. After 54 years in Martial Arts I have so much more to learn’”

Grandmaster Ron Van Browning

10th Degree Black Belt San Soo
This years Spring 2016 DSI Convention was incredible.  All styles in brotherhood with one purpose, martial excellence through its true science. Thank you GM Muncy and GM Moneymaker, October’s convention will be even bigger and better.

Guro Doug Pierre

Modern Arnis Domog
It a was very rejuvenating and refreshing to participate in your martial arts convention. Everyone was humble and worked together sharing their varied skills and techniques. The soft pressure points technique was an amazing eye opener even for a Grand Master 9 Degree Black Belt, like myself, training over 50 years. The combining of the many different techniques brings Torite-Jutsu at the forefront of mixed martial arts with a depth and technique that I have not seen before or experienced in person before. I look forward and with anticipation to the next seminar.

Grandmaster James Lim

9th Dan & Former Director & Technical Chairman of International TaeKwon-Do Federation. Served the late Gen. Choi Hong Hi Presidentof ITF.
With ‘MARTIAL SCIENCE’ the Dragon Society International is simultaneously moving martial arts forward and returning it to its TRUE toots.  Regardless of your art, you will benefit from the knowledge that DSI openly and eagerly shares at their conference.  I learn something new every time and recommend it to any serious martial artists regardless of style.

Grandmaster Willie Lim

8th Degree Black Belt Classical Dimension Martial Art

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