Special Gifts for White Tiger Attendees

Special Gifts for White Tiger Business Conference Attendees

Dragon Society Internation seminar at White Tiger Tae Kwon Do.Dragon Society International Masters Series seminar at Grand Master Rondy McKee’s White Tiger Tae Kwon Do school.

In appreciation of your support for our training partner, Grandmaster Rondy McKee, we would like to offer some of our training videos online. Below you can view over 6 hours of content!  This is a $225 retail value.  Trust us when we say this is worth far more than that.  The knowledge you will gain in these videos is incredible and this is just the beginning!  It will take your advanced training programs to a whole new level.  (NOTE: While some of the videos showcase knockouts to show the effect of the strikes at low power levels, we do not encourage doing so with your students!  This is done merely to demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques.)

For over 30 years, the Dragon Society International (DSI) has been the world leader in providing Pressure Point, Martial Science, and more to tens of thousands of Martial Artists world wide. We provide highly informational and enjoyable seminars on advanced training topics and would love to have you attend our training or even host a seminar.

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Below is our training schedule for 2017:


Checkout our videos below to see more information about what we do and be sure to Contact Us with any questions or to get more information!


Yin & Yang Theory

Many Martial Artists wear a Yin & Yang symbol on their uniform, jacket, t-shirts, etc.  Few, however, understand why this concept is so important to the Martial Arts!  Many just think it is philosophical.  Well, if that is the case, philosophy never hurt so much!  This concept is far more important than just being a philosophy; it can be utilized to great effect to overwhelm your opponent using the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to attack the energetic system of the body.  Check out the almost two hour long video below to find out how!


Five Element Theory

One of the paramount theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the application of the five elements to the energetic system of the body.  Every Martial Arts technique is predicated on this science but so few Martial Artists understand how to utilize this powerful concept.  Are you missing this critical information in your training?  Video duration is 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Knockouts on the Move

Knockouts techniques which can be shown fast and furious are performed. There are dozens of techniques just on this one video!  Video duration is approximately 45 minutes.


Torite Joint Locks: Volume 1

Most every Martial Arts system in the world teaches joint locks but most rely upon physical brute force to make the techniques work.  The problem is that smaller practitioners often do not have the strength to overcome larger opponents.  Moreover, many do not know how to adapt their techniques to work with those with smaller hands.  In this video, you will learn how to apply Martial Science to make the joint locks 100 times easier to apply with much more dramatic results.  This is a real eye opener.  Video duration is 30 minutes.


Phoenix Seminar

Live seminar filmed in Phoenix, AZ presenting an overview of how the Dragon Society International uses the martial science to explain techniques used in self defense. Explanations include arm and leg techniques. Knockouts are explained and demonstrated.  Video duration is approximately 45 minutes.


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