DSI, The Technical Resource of the White Tiger, Master Rondy McKee

Ready to see where Master Rondy gets her Martial Science?

Brought to You by Dragon Society International

The Dragon Society International (DSI) has been providing the technical applications (Martial Science) for Master Rondy for years.  Now, Master Rondy and the DSI want to make this training available to you!

Meet Master Rondy McKee


• Certified Kukkiwon Judge/Examiner

• 8th Degree Black Belt Ji Do Kwan

• 7th Degree Black Belt Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation

• 7th Degree Black Belt The World Taekwon Moodo Federation

• 6th Degree Black Belt Hapkido

• 4th Degree Black Belt World Pro Taekwondo Federation

• Certified Instructor “Sifu”  Samuel Kwok Wing Chun

• Certified Instructor

• International WTF Poomsae Referee (IR)

• Certified: Yoga Instructor 

• Certified: Fitness Instructor

• Certified: Feng Shui Consultant


• Deputy Secretary Gerneral of Marketing, US Taekwondo Committee 2018

• Technical Advisory Board, Kukkiwon, Korea 2017-2018

• Master of the Year 2012  

• School of the Year 2011

• Decree Kukkiwon   

• Advisory Board Kukkiwon 

• Taekwondo U.S. Ambassador to Korea - Olympic 2000 Sydney Games Rules and Regulations Committee World Leaders Seminar, Kukkiwon

• Graduate - Kukkiwon Taekwondo Instructor’s Academy

• Black Belt of the Year ‘92 by U.S. Taekwondo Ji Do Kwan Association

• Taekwondo, Hapkido Instructor Dong Yang Doejahng, Korea

• 40 Under 40 Business Leaders Hall of Fame 2004

• Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO)

• Martial Arts Professional MAgazine Cover 2006

• Co-Director Taekwondo events at 2008 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic

• Taekwondo Times cover March 2008

• sHERO award, Skirt Magazine Sept 2009

• Taekwondo Times cover March 2010

• MA Success Magazine cover October 2005

• MA Success Magazine cover April 2012

• Inducted into Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2011

• Goodwill Ambassador to Martial Arts 2012-2016

• Inducted into Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012

• Inducted into Karate Hall of Fame 2013

• Cover Martial Science 2016

• Cover MA Encyclopedia

• Cover/Feature Story MA Success January 2018

• Distinguished Renowned Martial Artist Award, Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors 2018

• Hall of Honors, Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association, Spain 2018


• Founder of White Tiger Community Cares Foundation benefiting At-Risk Youth, working with the local Police Department toward youth gang avoidance and The Anti-Bully Campaign

• Recipient “Community Service Award” Cary Chamber of Commerce 

• Organizing Committee for the White Tiger 5K fun run for charity, Bond Park


• Columnist, Taekwondo Times Magazine  “East Meets West”

• Columnist, Taekwondo Times Magazine “Business Section”

• Developer White Tiger MD -Management Development, mentorship service for Martial Arts schools

• Bodyguard, Senator Dodd, Governor Hunt

• Actor in two episodes of Zen beauty: Syndicated TV Series

• Product Model, Tiger Claw

• Korean Tigers Professional Demonstration Team (only Non-Asian member of team) Lived in Korea from ‘94-’96

• Former co-owner/ Manager /Senior Instructor Tiger Chung’s Total Fitness Center

Who is the Dragon Society International?

The DSI is a technical resource for the Martial Arts.  We have been researching and developing the hidden secrets of the Martial Arts for over 30 years!  To date, we have identified over 200 of these principles/methods which apply to all styles of Martial Arts.

Dragon Society International Seminar at Master Rondy's school, White Tiger TKD & Martial Arts.



It worked for Master Rondy and it will work for you!  We have enough advanced training material to last you and your students for a life time!  You will NEVER run out of material to teach!  We promise you that!

“You don't find the Dragons, the Dragons find you!”

Master Rondy McKee

The Technical Resource for the Martial Arts

With over 30+ years of traveling the world and documenting the ancient Martial Arts secrets we have discovered, we have built one of the most advanced libraries on the planet and we want to SHARE IT with YOU!

We have over 100+ books, DVDs, videos, posters, charts, and other merchandise to help you quickly advance your Martial Arts skills to a whole new level like never before.  Don't believe us?  Just ask Master Rondy!  She uses our system in her school, which is the largest Martial Arts school in the world!

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    Over 100 DVDs and Streaming Videos. Detailed instruction on Martial Science.
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    Martial Science Books. From introductory to advanced training.
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    Live Seminars. We teach at Master Rondy's school and will be happy to teach at your's!

And that is not all.  We will be happy to show you how to incorporate Martial Science into your training and/or your school!

So what are you waiting for?

Many schools suffer with what to teach their advanced students.  This too was a real challenge for Master Rondy until she met the DSI.  That is no longer a challenge for her and it should not be for you!  If you are reading this, the Dragons have found you! 

This training is guaranteed to be a game changer for your advanced training curriculum!


So often, we get busy doing the day in and day out grind, that we forget to move forward we have to invest in our own training.  Why do that?  By growing your own skills, you will have so much more to give to your students and others!  

The DSI has a saying, "If all else fails to teach you, pain will teach you!"  Remember that "You don't find the Dragons, the Dragons find you!"  Don't wait.  

The fact that we found you indicates that you are ready to grow your art.  We are selective in the people we associate ourselves with and just because we found you now, does not mean we will be there later.  

Don't wait!  Join us while the offer stands or we may just have to move along without you.  

Still not convinced, see for yourself!

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