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Torite Technique #6

Continuing with the Torite techniques, this is technique #6.

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One thought on “Torite Technique #6

  1. Mike, no one grabs someone like that…or so I thought. When I was manager/bouncer at my restaurant/bar, I was chastising a man for his bad behavior and in his personal space, which was my usual way, when I realized his friend had grabbed my left wrist in just that manner. I chuckled— did not engage elbow as you indicated, but used just a little, quick twist against his weak point at the thumb/finger point. Came right out, I smiled at him and continued my discussion with his naughty friend. However, if needed at that point I was loaded for a quick snapping inverted shuto to his neck. He would have gone down, nothing else needed to the torso or anywhere else.

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