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Torite Technique #5 – Applications

Grandmaster Moneymaker asked that I continue with additional techniques from the Torite Jutsu system. Since the Torite Techniques form the core of what we do, we want to ensure that everyone understands how we approach the techniques. If you can take a basic technique, such as this one, and apply sciences and Players to the Game, as well as find variation, you will increase the depth of your understanding.I find that many practitioners will either focus entirely on the physical technique and miss the principles and sciences embedded in the technique, or they will see connections with other techniques and fail to get the mechanical moves down correctly. To master one of these techniques really takes a lot of time and effort and is a continual process of revisiting the techniques so you learn as much from them as possible.

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One thought on “Torite Technique #5 – Applications

  1. I’m sure that wasn’t just Mumbo no. 5 Michael! Lol Nice though! Opening move for most forms, (apart from the rei and yoi). All “Developing the Weapon”! OSU

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