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Torite Technique #1 – 20 Variations!

Many Martial Artists roll their eyes when they hear that the DSI is founded upon 50 core techniques. How can that be all they wonder? Well, the truth is – there is a lot more than just 50 techniques.The 50 Torite Techniques for the basis. With each technique having countless variations, players to the game, and more, the actual number of techniques available to the Torite stylist is infinite and only limited by the practitioner’s level of understanding and experience. If you assume there are 10 variations for each technique, then the 50 techniques become 500 techniques just like that! In reality, however, there are far more than 50 variations of each!In this video, Grandmaster Michael Patrick will demonstrate 20 variations to the first technique alone. These are not the only variations and are not even the only variations that Grandmaster Patrick knows. Instead, this is a good working set to get one started in seeing all of the variations possible.With enough practice, you too will be able to put out multiple variations in machine gun” fashion as Grandmaster Patrick does on this video…”

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