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The Transmission Medium

Grandmaster Michael Patrick covers why many applications of Players to the Game such as harmonics, waveform, etc., seem to fail and shows how to fix the problem!

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2 thoughts on “The Transmission Medium

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this explanation Michael! Absolutely brilliant! I’ve be locking people’s bodies for years but not fully understood exactly how I was doing it, I just laughed at the effects as I controlled the movement employing “Mushin no Mushin”. Thank you G.M. 🙂 (Sometimes it really hurts people when I think about it. It always has!) 🙂 Much Love, Brother! <3

  2. This little video is the synthesis of exactly how and why “players to the game” actually work! The understanding of this concept alone is probably THE MAJOR PLAYER. You could even refer to it as the “lock and key” concept, Michael Patrick. I applaud you here Sir! One only has to think upon how we utilise Reiki as an art to realise how much potential this one key concept has! The tin can analogy was a first class example. For instance, sometimes when I put myself to distance healing I will use many “players to the game” to produce the “vibrational energy” required, as does the Church. Bell, book, candle, frankincense, prayer, sound, sign, faith, direction etc.etc. One has to “ask the question” and use the energy flow if one expects any result whatsoever. When this is kept a secret thing just seemingly get better all by themselves. However, there are those that understand and know the science as to how it works but could never really begin to explain it! You are doing g an excellent job here Michael my friend! I still remember our secret conversations at the 2000 convention that no-one would wish to know or understand regarding certain areas of micro biology and virology upon which we concur. Funny old World, isn’t it Brother? God bless you and your lovely family Michael! Give my love to Kasi and Madelyn please! <3

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