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The Hood Drill

In this segment, we introduce a unique training drill utilized by many Tactical Teams including SWAT. The goal of the drill is to stimulate Body Alarm Reaction to a small degree. Many Martial Artists train on dozens, if not hundreds, of techniques, but few ever test those in a more dynamic fashion to determine their level of skill. For most, their true level of skill and their perceived level of skill are two very different things!If you want to get a better level of B.A.R. from the drill, run it with background noise (as I did in the video), low light, loud noise, etc. You can also have your students perform cardio to get the heart rate up to stimulate the Adrenal Response. If you do, you may want to have the attacker wearing some protective equipment. Be creative and have fun! This drill will really show you any weaknesses you or your students may have!

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  2. Thx for all. I love that I can download on smartphone and study later.

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