Energetics Volume 1

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Ever heard stories of old masters being able to transfer internal energy into their opponents? This is not myth! With this DVD you will learn how!



Some stories are Martial Arts legends while others contain a lot of truth! In this DVD, Grandmaster Michael Patrick shows a simple energetic building exercise, or qigong, used by the Dragon Society International to harness this energy.Exciting board breaks are shown to demonstrate the power of the energetic strikes along with waveforms and harmonics.Strikes and joint locks are demonstrated with the energetic effects applied with full descriptions of what is being done so you can learn to apply it yourself.As a bonus feature, an often misunderstood aspect of Torite Jutsu, Enhancement & Retardation, is explained in detail and applied to techniques. Learn what horary and source points do to maximize damage from energetic transfers.If you have seen Grandmaster Patrick’s videos before, you know he is all about detail!

1 review for Energetics Volume 1

  1. Gary McGee (verified owner)

    Another awesome video from Grandmaster Michael Patrick, with energy applications and techniques for martial and healing arts. I’m an older guy (66), and I am always looking for ways to get more “bang for my buck!” Thanks!

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