DSI Starter Package


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Pressure Point Charts Downloads

These charts are in a digital PDF format.  They show the acupuncture meridians and points from the side, front, and rear.  The charts are sized for 11" x 17" if you choose to print them.

Five Element Chart Download

The Five Element Theory symbol as an 8.5" x 11" digital PDF download that you can print.

Foundations of Martial Science

This is where to begin your study of Martial Science.

Torite Jutsu Reference Manual

This is a quick reference manual. It's purpose is to provide information necessary for Torite Jutsu pressure point fighting and martial science.

Basic Seminar

Want to understand the fundamental concepts of Torite Jutsu? This video by Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker was filmed during a live seminar introducing the basics of the system to a new group of students and Black Belts. Learn to activate points with combination strikes, Quadrant Theory, Yin & Yang, and more at an introductory level.

Five Element Theory

This is a must DVD for the beginner of martial science to the advanced practitioner.

Yin & Yang Theory

Use the principles of the Yin Yang theory to enhance your martial arts strategy to make you UNSTOPPABLE!


Ready to get started with Torite Jutsu?  New to the DSI?  This is the place to start.

The included materials will give you a well-rounded understanding of Martial Science to get you going.  You will learn the sciences behind what we do as well as pressure point techniques with multiple applications.

Get started today!


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