Advanced Martial Science: Volume 1


This text has been acclaimed by many Masters and Grandmasters!

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A Text for Grandmasters!

This text has been acclaimed by many Masters and Grandmasters, but you don’t have to be that highly ranked to benefit from it. Ever wonder what they study? This is it!

When Master Patrick became a Certified Instructor for Dragon Society International, he started keeping notes of the most advanced principles he was learning. After doing this for a few years and expanding his personal notes with his own research, he presented his notebook for Grandmaster Moneymaker’s, co-fouder of Dragon Society International, inspection. Expecting him to make some joke about it, he was surprised when Master Moneymaker remarked that “less than 2% of the Black Belts in the world know this information.” It was with his encouragement, he decided to publish this personal notebook.

Join the minority and surpass the knowledge of 98% of the Martial Artists out there by picking up your copy today!

5 reviews for Advanced Martial Science: Volume 1

  1. Rick Moneymaker

    Rick Moneymaker

    This is the next generation of Dragon Society International…the next level coming…Master Patrick has done an excellent job incorporating the Torite (Pressure Point) sciences into his understanding of all Martial Arts systems and provides excellent instruction to students of all styles and ranks. From my extensive travels I have found that less than 2% of the Black Belts in the world can instruct at his level.

    Master Michael Patrick lays to rest any questions as to why pressure points work. His extensive research and analysis will certainly convince even the most adamant naysayers in the martial arts world. His work shows beyond a shadow of doubt that the techniques of old were based upon a proven science and that they were duplicatable if one takes the time to research and expends the effort to practice this ancient art.

  2. Tom Muncy

    Tom Muncy

    I believe that any martial artist can study [his] information and gain useful insights to make their art more effective.

  3. Sigung Rich Mooney

    Sigung Rich Mooney

    [Master Patrick possesses] super secret fighting knowledge…that would only be imparted to a select few…The techniques and methods described are things that will make any martial arts practitioner a lethal fighting machine.

  4. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    The extent of the research that Mike has put into [his] work is evident to any who have been involved in these areas of study for any length of time.

  5. Master Steven Burton

    Master Steven Burton

    Master Michael Patrick has once again shown that he has an incredible in-depth knowledge of the points, but not only that, he is able to teach this information in such a way that all levels of skill will benefit. A true mark of excellence.

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