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Wouldn’t you like to join the World’s Leading Pressure Point Association for Martial Artists? Want to continue your studies of the Martial Arts and take it to the next level?


Many have tried to duplicate what Grandmasters Rick Moneymaker and Tom Muncy have done, but none have succeeded. Why? Because they don’t have the depth of knowledge that only the Dragon Society offers.

Anyone can look at a pressure point chart and start hitting points, but few understand the science behind how the body works. Without this knowledge, they are limited to “Monkey see, monkey do” repetition of only what they have seen. With Martial Science, however, you will understand the science and be able to apply it to your system! We are the originators of Martial Science and only the DSI teaches it!

Ready to get started? We have two membership plans to fit your needs and your budget. Become part of our family and see why we are the world’s leader in the application of Pressure Points and Martial Science! We look forward to working with you!

  • Digital Membership Certificate
  • Registered in our International Database
  • Ability to test for ranking
  • Internationally-recognized Rank Certificates
  • Access to Special Online Sales
  • Only $25 per year!

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