DSI Affiliate School Program

For more than 20 years, DSI has been the world’s leader and innovator in martial science. Scores of individuals and organizations have laid claim to being the best; yet today those same individuals and organizations only provide a residual presence in this field. DSI’s growth and sustainability owes its success to proven and excepted medical and applied sciences, field testing by law enforcement and personal protection personnel and continual internal scrutiny of our methods and members.

Today, Dragon Society International is extremely excited to announce the Dragon Society International Affiliate School Program (DSIASP). The DSIASP is open to all martial arts schools that are not currently headed by a DSI Certified Instructor and would like to train in Torite-Jutsu with the intent to promote Black Belts in Torite-Jutsu. Serious martial art school instructors have the addition benefit of training to join the prestigious rank as one of our Certified Instructors.

DSIASP membership benefits include:

  • Accredited DSI Affiliate School Certificate
  • May advertise as a DSI Affiliate School
  • Use of approved DSI branding in advertising, school publications, school webpages, etc.
  • DSI Affiliate School listing on the DSI webpage
  • Display DSI Affiliate School window sticker
  • Link to DSI webpage from school webpage
  • Defined Torite-Jutsu curriculum specifically designed for your school and supported by your sponsoring DSI Certified Instructor
  • Certified Instructor training for school chief instructor

Conditions to qualify as a DSI Affiliate School:

  • Offer instruction in Torite-Jutsu as a stand-alone program or integrated into general class curriculum with the intention to promote in Torite-Jutsu
  • Minimum of 10 students overall with a minimum of 5 DSI Premier Members
  • Students qualifying for Torite-Jutsu promotion must be a DSI Premier Member minimum of 1 year
  • DSI affiliate schools functioning under the direction of a DSI Certified Senior or higher Instructor must host their supporting DSI CI at least twice a year to monitor that school’s program and conduct DSI Black Belt promotion exams. The overseeing DSI CI must be actively involved in the development of the affiliate school’s program and curriculum.
  • New affiliate schools must complete 1 year probationary review
  • Actively promote DSI
  • School chief instructor must attend at least one DSI Convention every 2 years
  • Keep current DSIASP annual membership fee $150.00

For more information on becoming a DSI Affiliate School, contact Master Rusty McMains at dsiasp@houstonkarate.org.