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Ever wonder how boxers develop extreme power?  They understand how important it is to be extremely efficient with their strikes and use every muscle in their body to generate power.  Those skills take a lot of hard work and if you want to learn to do that, we have a course designed to do just that.  But, what if we told you that you could instantly increase your felt impact power with minimal work?  Sound too good to be true?  It isn't!  It is all about learning to strike differently and also knowing where to hit!  Your partner will swear you are trying to kill them using the secrets we will teach you!


The key to ending any fight immediately is being able to hit them anytime you need to and knowing there is NOTHING they can do to stop it!  This program teaches techniques that move through "blind spots" where the eye cannot detect movement.  They literally will think someone sneaked up behind them and knocked them senseless.  Trust us, it has happened in our seminars!


As you learn our methods of developing speed and boosting efficiency, you will find that your power levels go through the roof!  Soon, your training partner will be begging you for mercy.  What used to take you 100% power, you will be able to do at 5 to 10% strength!  It is that incredible!  I know, I know.  You think we are exaggerating; so have thousands of others who taken our courses - that is until they learned to do it themselves!  You will be dropping big guys with seemingly no effort.  Everyone will want to know how and where you learned it!


In tactical training there is a saying "Aim small; miss small."  Knowing where to target your strikes to your opponent means that you can take them down with minimal effort.  The targets we will teach you to hit are responsive in small zones around the specific point.  We show you how to ensure that your techniques "fail safely" in case your strike misses the mark.  Our system is the only one in the world designed to attack the body's structure and systems all simultaneously so no one method can fail.  There is no single point of failure.  And when all systems respond, look out!  It is going to suck for the person you hit!


Get All of This When Your Enroll:

7 Videos that will advance your training to ALL NEW LEVELS

Instant Knockouts

Duration: 1 hour

This video shows you how to knock someone's lights out instantly without giving them time to react or fight back!

Knockouts on the Move

Duration: 1 hour

So many lower quality courses teach you to hit a stationary opponent.  Well, that is not realistic!  They won't stand still, but it won't matter!

Parasympathetic Attacks

Duration: 1 hour

We normally teach the techniques from an eastern approach, but in this video you will learn from western sciences, why the body shuts down from our strikes.

Ridgehand Secrets

Duration: 10 minutes

Link the title and the image to the course delivery page.

Shuto Secrets

Duration: 7 minutes

Video demonstrates how to effectively use the chop/shuto strike to incapacitate your opponent.

Palm Heel Secrets

Duration: 3h 55m

Video on how to deliver a knockout blow with a Palm Heel Strike. This will leave your training partner stunned...literally!!

Safety Precautions Guide

Format: PDF

Get a detailed Knockout Safety Precautions Guide explaining what steps to take to ensure you are safely practicing the techniques in this video.

Course Guide

Format: PDF

Includes a welcome letter and guide on how to get the most out of the course.

About your Instructor

Rick Moneymaker has earned the "Man Of The Year Award" presented by the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, recognized by the International Society of Headfounders/Headfamilies as a 9th Degree Black Belt and Soke of TORITE JUTSU, awarded the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award and the Meijin Award presented by the directors of the International Shurite Yudansha-Kai. Inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame and inducted in Combat Magazine Hall of Fame.

“I have dedicated my life to teaching the lost secrets of the Martial Arts.”

In This Course You Will Get All of This:

You will get 7 videos with dozens of techniques for knocking attacker's out on their feet.  These videos are yours to keep and we promise every time you watch them, you will learn even more.  The learning never stops!

In addition to the videos, you will get a guide to help you get the most out of your course as well as a health safety guideline to ensure the safety of your training partner.  You will also receive four detailed PRESSURE POINT CHARTS showing you exactly where to hit!

You will also get additional BONUS videos from our Power Striking series showing you how to maximize your power.  The combination of knowing where to attack along with how to hit harder than ever is UNBEATABLE!


What People Are Saying...



“The Martial Science of the DSI is the key to all Martial Arts."

Grandmaster Ron Van Browning (10th Degree Black Belt, former Full Contact Fighter, and Trainer for UFC Fighters)

Grandmaster Ron Van Browning (10th Degree Black Belt and UFC Trainer)



“The DSI makes all techniques hurt 10 times more!"

Grandmaster Rondy McKee (8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and owner of the World's Largest Martial Arts School)


"There is nothing out there better than DSI science, It makes sense and it is proven!"

Dennis Lane (World Full Contact Champion with 119 full contact fights!   Half of them were bare knuckle.)

Is This Course Right For You?

Not everyone is ready to invest the time and effort to be a Martial Arts Legend.  How about you?

Who is this for

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    Martial Artists with the drive and determination to become the best that they can be.
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    People who want to better themselves and help others do the same.
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    People with a passion and are striving for continuous improvement.
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    Those who KNOW there is more to their Martial Arts but have yet to find it.

Who is this not for

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    Moaners, Groaners and lazy good for nothings.
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    People who already think they know it all.
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    People who continuously say 'we do that in our Art as well.
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    People who think that just joining is enough to become qualified.
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    People who settle for being ordinary.
Learn to Stop Anyone Immediately!

We take you your satisfaction seriously.  If you aren't able to stun your opponent after completing this program, just contact us via the website and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.  That is how much confidence we have that you will love this program.


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