Mini Martial Science Course

No one comes close the level of information from the Dragon Society.  We have been traveling the world for over 30 years collecting the secrets of the Martial Arts and we want to share them with you.

In this series, you will learn to increase power and speed when attacking Pressure Points in 8 video lessons!  You will learn striking secrets most of the pros don't know.  Why wait?  Start today!  There is NO COST to take this program and you can do it in your own time from your laptop or any mobile device.


Foundational Body Mechanics

Length: 30 minutesComplexity: Standard

The foundation of your training is rooted in proper body mechanics.  Without this paramount ingredient, your techniques will never be as devastating as they can be!  Too many Martial Artists assume they already have the proper foundation and skip over this lesson, but it is essential to your progress that you understand these incredible principles.

Attacking the Stance

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Oftentimes people attempt to attack their opponent without understanding the importance of their stance.  Once you understand how to take advantage of the way the opponent is standing, you will find your job is so much easier to take them down, knock them out, and any other attacks you choose to perform.  Armed with this information, you will easily make your job 100 times easier!

How to Hit Anyone Before They Move!

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Wouldn’t it great if you could strike someone before they could move out of the way or defend? What if it is possible. We created a series of videos on this topic and here is one of the first ones we presented. With this knowledge, you will be unstoppable!

Striking Series: Ridgehand

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Knowing how to strike properly is just as important than being able to hit fast. Everyone beyond Yellow Belt level thinks they know how to properly attack with a ridgehand technique. But, in this video from our Striking Series, we show that there may just be a lot more to knowing the technique for Martial application than is commonly taught in Sport training!

Torite Technique #1 with 20 Variations

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Now that you have a basis of how we put strikes together, it is time to see how much depth of knowledge we share in this quick video by Grandmaster Michael Patrick on 20 variations to the first technique of Torite Jutsu, which is our system of Martial Science. This is by no means all of the variations possible. Instead it was a quick video to show how techniques can be adapted to meet necessary criteria.

Joint Locks for “Double Jointed” People

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Ever tried to apply a joint lock to someone who is “double jointed”? While there is really no such thing medically, there are those individuals who have extreme flexibility. It can be very difficult to apply joint locks to them unless you know the secrets of how to overcome their strengths. In this video, we will show you how!

Attacking the Chinese Pulse Points

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Many people have seen Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors check the pulses. While Western Medicine has a few pulse points, TCM has twelve. Each of these pulses show the quality and health of each of the twelve main meridians. What can heal you can also make you ill. In this lesson, we exploit the pulse points to drop an attacker by attacking each of the main meridians via the pulse points.

Defense to the Rear Naked Choke

Length: 20 minutesComplexity: Standard

With the popularity of MMA and BJJ, it has become ever more important to understand how to deal with a grappler. One of the most common finishes is the RNC (Rear Naked Choke). In this lesson, you will see how to defeat this common attack utilizing Pressure Points and Martial Science. But be fast, you will need to move quickly before going to sleep!