Aura Photos of Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker

The following photographs are a series of Kirlian photographs that were taken of Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker at the Dragon Society West National Convention in Phoenix, AZ in March of 1996.

Kirlian photography was discovered in Russia (as a matter of accident) by Semyon and Valentian Kirlian. It is a technique used to measure the energy that is emitted and then radiated outwards by all organisms.

You really miss the full “effect” of what these photos mean by not seeing the reaction of the woman who “translated” what the different colors meant. She was thoroughly amazed and stated that she had never seen anything like it before.

We hope you enjoy them…

Aura (Energy) Photo #1


Energy at a “normal” energy state

Very creative 
Social person. 
Feels things very intense. There are 
7 guides or guardians in the energy field. 
Lots of wisdom and knowledge. 
Shuts off feeling for protection. 
Energy field is nice size (not too big, not too small).

Aura (Energy) Photo #2


Photo at a “higher” or “more intense” energy state.
Time duration between Photo #1 and Photo #2: 5 minutes.


The blue/green energy can be healing, loving and supportive energy – or just the opposite. 
Cloudy energy across the top shows defense. 
Very balanced energy. 
The energetic field is full – effective for detecting someone’s next move.

Aura (Energy) Photo #3


Photo at a “intense” energy state.
Time duration between Photo #2 and Photo #3: 5 minutes.

Shows highest level of energy – very spiritual. 
Great focus! 
Great energy command! 
Too much energy to bring in or hide. 
Red energy is intense and focused for protection. 
Blue/purple energy is next to highest level.